Special Diets

Here at My Way Cakes we believe that everyone, regardless of their dietary requirements, should have the chance to have a cake made personally for them. As such we have been working hard to find receipes that can be used or adpated, in most cases, for individuals with special diertary needs.


We were very happy to be given the chance to try and make a cake, here within our kitchen, for an young child who amongst other allergies has a dairy, soya, egg and nut allergy (both at grade 4). We spoke to our suppliers, and took every precaution possible to prevent cross-contamination, to enable this person to have the chance to have a birthday cake made for them, in their chosen design, a situation people often just take for granted. The result, in the picture above, was an outstanding success for us, and a very happy child and parent.


So, if you are one of these special people, we now offer our customers alternative cake receipes made with no gluten*, wheat, egg, dairy, soya and/or nut ingrediants. However, please be advised that we do actually prepare and make other cakes, containing all of these ingrediants, here regularly at our kitchen, so clearly cannot and would not ever make the statement "guarenteed to be free from..........". If you have any other dietary needs please just contact us and we will given you a call back to see if we can help!


*Following new legislation which took effect as of January 2012, regarding the use of the wording ‘Gluten Free’ on food products, we will now use the term “no gluten-containing ingredients” instead of gluten-free. This is because we bake our cake from our kitchen, and this is certainly not a gluten-free zone. So, although we can endeavour to avoid cross-contamination where possible, there is certainly no guarantee.