Photo Printing on Cakes, Cupcakes and Cookies

Why not personalise your cakes, cupcakes and cookies with the addition of photographs or images of your choice. My Way Cakes has an edible ink printer that can take your images and print them directly onto icing sheets (not rice paper!). These icing sheets can then be placed directly onto a cake, cupcake or cookie of your choice, and can also be placed directly onto fondant icing, chocolate, buttercream, or cream, without dissolving!!


Images can be printed onto A4 and A5 size sheets, plus, circular or square sheets. They can also be printed on approximately 2" diametre circles (12 per sheet) which are perfect to fit directly on the top of cupcakes. Icing sheets can also be cut very easily with scissors to create bespoke shapes.


Just supply us with your jpeg images and your ideas, and we do the rest. You can also add numbers, letters, or a message of your choice. Images can be printed in both black and white, or colour....... We then send you a preview of the finished product before it is finally printed, just in case you have thought of any else you would like to add.


Really great for special birthday cakes, personalised Christmas cakes, children's parties, corporate events, school fetes or fund raising events, although this versatile product can be used for a multitude of occassions................. the sky really is the limit.


My Way Cakes also offers a print only service, so you can personalise your own creations. Just contact us with your requirements and we will come back to you to discuss your needs.


Important: Please ensure that prior to sending us any images that you have sort the relevant permission/s to enable us to re-produced and printed them.