Giant Cupcakes

If you like the look and taste of normal cupcakes, but perhaps want to make a bigger impression, or just feed more of your friends, then our Giant Cupcakes may be the perfect answer. They can be made in any of the different cake types/flavours that we offer, and then personalised, either as simply or comphrehensively as you wish, to suite you special occasion.


It can be used as the top tier of on a cupcake fountain, or just used as a stand alone cake.


Both the bottom and top half of our Giant Cupcakes are made from deliciously moist cake, with the bottom section decorated with either our delicious buttercream, embossed fondant, edible lace, or alternatively, white, milk or dark chocolate cigarellos. The top of the cupcake is also made of cake and then covered in lovely buttercream.