As promised our new Online Ebay Shop is now here!!


As well as buying our products over the telephone or via email, we also now stock a number of our products, in smaller quantities on Ebay.


So why not take a few minutes to look at our online Ebay shop which we will be continuing to expand with exciting new products over the next few weeks........


Enter our EBay shop HERE


However, if you cannot find what you were looking for, or would like us to send you copies of either our Trade or Retail Price lists and ordering information, please just let us know. Plus, if we currently do not currently stock something you are interested in, we will do our utmost to source the items for you at a competative price.

Why are we doing this now? Well during the last few years we have found it increasingly difficult to get the products that we want and at the prices we want, but more's to the point our customers like!!


So, we have spent several months contacting a number of reputable suppliers, which will now allow us to offer our customers the chance to purchase some of the cake makiing basics at great prices. We are proud to confirm we now hold trade accounts with a number o,f suppliers including Culpitt, Doric Cake Craft, Club Green, BFP Wholesale, Sugarflair and Nevitti, so can offer competative prices to everyone.


Why are we now offering the service now? It is becoming increasingly obvious that not everyone can, or come to that fact, wants, their cakes made for them by someone else. Plus, the continual growing 'love affair' of people wanting to create homemade cakes in their own kitchens, with all the professional touches, makes accessing the right products at the right price a must.


We believe we have priced our products to help everyone create their very own 'little bit of heaven'. We currently already offer our customers the following products

  • 12mm Cake Drum Boards - Round, Square & Rectangular
  • Balloons, Party Bags, Banners, Candles and other celebration essentials.
  • Candles, Ribbons etc
  • Cardboard Cupcake Stands
  • Cupcake and Cake Boxes & Lids
  • Cupcake Cases
  • Cupcake Pods/Clams
  • DIY Cupcake and Cake Making Packages
  • Fondant/Cake Covering and other decorating edibles
  • Personalised Chocolate Favours and Table Bubbles
  • Wedding Favours including Candy Buffet supplies


We will be looking to expand the list regularily, however, in the meantime if there is a product that you would like to see available on our online shop, just let us know and we will see what we can do.