About us............

From a personal perspective, and I know this sounds rather a 'cliche', but I have always enjoyed baking and making cakes since childhood, with many a fond memory of Sunday afternoons, being shared with my family, and a freshly baked Victoria Sponge cake, all washed down with a lovely cup of tea. However, following the very unexpected passing of my beautiful Mum in November 2008, and the months and years that followed, it became increasing apparent, not only to me, but to those around me, that I needed to look for an 'outlet' as a way to cope with my grief. As a result I took to baking big time!! 


I experimented with cake ingrediants, buttercream flavours and fondant designs, day and night, for many months, to the point where my 'critics' were becoming full, to the point of bursting, from eating my latest creations............... As a result, and with huge encouragement from family and friends, who I will always be eternally grateful to, the concept of "My Way Cakes & Preseves" was born.


Even our name "My Way Cakes" came about, following much deliberation, and an eventual moment of 'inspiration' in the middle of the night, when all I could hear in my head was one of my Mum's favourite songs "I did it my way". So despite her no longer being with us, she also had a input in our final brand name, and also continues to offer huge inspiration, each and every time, I bake, even now.


We hope you enjoy looking at our website, and the pictures of the creations that we have been fortunate enought to have been commissioned to make for family, friends and our increasing number of customers, and if we can be of any help in making your special day, become even more special, then please just let us know.




Fran Burch